Update your Standard 8/10/Pennant/Companion

Enhancements To Your Standard Eight and Ten, Pennant, Companion, Van or Pickup

Have you considered modernising your Standard 8 and 10? You can add some or all of these improvements that were not available when the cars were new.  

First there is the Front Brake Disc Kit, which improves your braking performance, over your original brake shoes. Next there is a Brake Servo, this is a vacuum operated device that is used to assist the driver by reducing the amount of brake effort required. There are 2 types, one for the original system and the other for the new Disc Brake Kit.

There are other ways to bring your car into the 21st Century. A front antiroll bar will keep the car flatter in corners and the Club’s front shock absorbers can be easily adjusted for road comfort.

How about a lighting upgrade? Your system is restricted by the low output of your original Dynamo.   By adding a modern Dynamotor, that’s an alternator in a dynamo casing, and a new loom, you can add new Halogen Headlights, and spot and fog lights, if you wish.

All the parts  below are available from your Club, to order 24/7, on-line, using a Credit or debit card,  it costs nothing to just take a good look around 

We hope you benefit from some or all of these modern motoring aids.