Credit Card Failures

You may have come here following unsuccessful attempts to purchase with your credit or debit card.

Read this list and see if any of these apply to you, and the possible remedy:

  • Wrong Name - The name on the order must exactly match that on your card
  • Failure due to AVS, Address Verification System - 
    • the first line and the postcode that you have entered in your billing address MUST be identical to the address you have registered with your Card Provider
    • ( perhaps you have you moved and not told your card provider?)
  • Failure due to  3DSecure  - All banks have moved to a two-factor authorisation routine, commonly called 3DSecure    ( but some providers call it slightly different things) This means that the Card Provider will send you an authorisation code, usually by a message to a mobile phone. That code must be entered into the SMC order to prove you are who you say you are. If you have not registered a mobile phone with your card provider,  they will be unable to send a one-time password, so the transaction will certainly fail
    • Insufficient funds - please top up your account, or use an alternative card
    • expired card - please ask your Card Provider for a new card, or use an alternative card
    • wrong cvv - please correct the 3 digit code

"I have tried and corrected all the above but the transaction still fails"

  • Contact your Card Provider to determine the issue
  • Use the "Contact Form" in the grey area below to get in touch with us, but note
  • We can not fix issues with your credit card