Standard 8, 10, etc.

Possibly the largest single source of "Small Car" spares anywhere:


We list ONLY Standard Spares and we believe that we have the largest selection right here. Our prices are very keen and regularly benchmarked against others. Moreover,  we are a not-for-profit organisation, we have no shareholders to satisfy, nor, as we are all volunteers,  are there any wages to pay. We minimise our overheads by keeping parts in our own sheds and garages whilst still offering a professional worldwide delivery service. The small margins that we make go entirely on replacing stock and manufacturing new items to keep all our cars on the road.  Buy from us and it will ensure we can continue to serve the marque long into the future. We also have product liability insurance for your complete peace of mind.

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From Feb 1st 2015 we are able to supply parts to America and Canada, so that now means, anywhere in the World (See Terms and Conditions link on the bottom line)

All prices are  shown inclusive of VAT and apply, generally speaking, in the UK and the EU. When you identify that you are purchasing from a territory outside the UK and EU then the prices in the Checkout screens will automatically be reduced to exclude the VAT element.

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This is a fraction of our stock. If you have an enquiry about parts not currently shown, or 2nd-hand parts, please enquire to