Fitting Instructions Electronic Distributor

Standard Motor Club Pre 1948 Distributor – Electronic Version



The Distributor is based on one supplied by Accuspark, a leading UK supplier of Electronic Ignition Systems. This non-vacuum Distributor is modified by the Club to fit a range of our cars. Please note that the Distributor, if supplied by Accuspark, does not carry the Clubs’ modifications so can not be used. You must use the version supplied by the SMC. Be aware that no liability will be accepted for the use of any other, non club supplied Distributor. No liability for parts fitted not according to these instructions

This Distributor and these Instructions are only for vehicles that are wired for Positive Earth


Please read these instructions to the end. You will need an electric miniature soldering iron and flux cored solder to complete the work. IF you are unfamiliar with vehicle electrical systems you may wish to employ an Auto Electrician


Unlike points based distributors, Electronic modules are polarity sensitive. Do not assume that, just because it is working, that your car is presently wired correctly. Many cars have their coil connected in reverse and if you persist with this, the wrong polarity will destroy the electronics.

Before you start, you must ensure that the live feed from the ignition is connected  to the NEGATIVE (switch) terminal of the coil. Failure to do this will void the warranty and require you to purchase a new electronic module. There can be no relaxation of this strict rule

How to fit the Distributor DK4A and DKY4A, only (for fitting DJ type see instruction 25 )


  • Disconnect the battery
  • Set the old Dist. to TDC on the firing stroke on No.1 cylinder, which is the cylinder nearest the Windscreen
  • To find TDC remove the bolt in the head above No. 1 cylinder and use a long rod or thin screwdriver
  • Ensure the Distributor is on the firing stroke by removing the Distributor Capp and ensuring that the points are just breaking and the rotor arm is opposite the Number 1 HT terminal
  • Clean the crank pulley and a section of the timing cover and make 2 marks opposite each other as shown


  • This can be used later for timing with a strobe timing light, if you have one
  • Remove old Distributor and Housing by undoing the 2 nuts
  • To remove Dist. from housing undo the small locking nut and withdraw the small safety bolt from the housing. Withdraw the Dist.
  • Mark the offset drive so that you can refit it later in the same orientation
  • Drive out the roll-pin and remove original long drive shaft
  • Carefully mark drive on the new Dist. and note offset. Remove Rollpin and the drive
  • Offer up the original drive onto new shaft without a rollpin
  • Use a “Dummy” rollpin such as a small drill shaft, and check clearance on underside of body. If there are shims fitted, remove one thin shim and replace with washer supplied
  • The objective is to remove any and all up and down movement of the distributor drive. When acceptable, fit original long drive and the rollpin ensuring that the offset is in the same position.
  • NOTE: If you wish to use the new rollpin, you will need to open out the hole in the original long drive
  • Fit new Dist. to the housing using the original clamp, small safety bolt and locking nut. Screw in the safety bolt fully then back off  a fraction so the distributor turns freely but can not jump out of the retaining groove. Beware, if this is not done correctly the shaft can rise and disengage the oil pump drive. RESULT – NO OIL PRESSURE Lock off the nut
  • Refit the Dist. and its housing onto the studs and replace the nuts, making sure the Dist. is sitting flat on the head.
  • Turn the Dist. until the Rotor aligns with the mark on the base of the Dist. body
  • Lock the Dist. Clamp to prevent the Dist. from turning
  • Change-over HT leads to new cap. Refit new cap and set firing order to 1,3,4, 2 anticlockwise.
  • NOTE: If using a new Top Entry Cap, fit 5 new HT ends, (supplied in the kit) to the HT leads
  • Use this wiring diagram, and follow the wiring  instructions below


  • Remove wire from – SW Neg side of the coil and connect to the white wire using a pair of the supplied Lucar Connectors in their insulator. These will need to be soldered in advance
  • Remove wire from + Pos side of coil. Make up Use the supplied short new wire, to fit from +Pos to a nearby earth (maybe under coil bracket?)
  • Fit old CB +Pos wire to -SW side of coil
  • Fit other end of this wire to the black wire from the Dist. using a pair of the supplied Lucar Connectors in their insulator These will need to be soldered in advance
  • Reconnect Battery and Test
  • Instructions needed for strobe Timing light
  • Most DJ type distributors use the same drive as the New Distributor so therefore it is only necessary to follow instructions X to Y (Which ones?)
  • NOTE: It will not be necessary to fit the shaft with the supplied washer.


Contents of the Distributor Kit:

  • Non=Vacuum Distributor complete with Distributor Cap, Side or Top Entry
  • 2 x Pairs of Lucar Connectors with Insulator
  • Terminated Short Connecting wire
  • IN addition, top entry caps are supplied complete with 5 HT terminals, at additional cost

Standard Motor Club

Draft Issue 5