Valves, Springs or Guides for 1934 -36 Standard 10 and 12 (IV 833 EV 1 9/16 834 1 1/4 836)



These fit the Standard Pre-flying 10 and 12 only. (R10, R12 A10,A12 )

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Valves are available singularly: 

Inlet valves:

  • The Inlet valves are all the same size (James 833) head  size 1 13/32",  stem 9/32",  
  • Price £21.60 each, brand new, remanufactured exclusively by the Club

Exhaust Valves:

  • early exhaust valve, 10Hp  (up to Comm. no: 171800) and 12Hp (up to Comm No: 197250) use 39745 /James 834 ) head size 1 9/32 stem 9/32". 
  • Price £18.00 each, New Old Stock


  • Late exhaust valve, with Comm. Nos, R10 and R12 higher than those above,  also fits A10 and A12,  use 39336/James 836, head size 1  1/4" stem 5/16"
  • Price £6.00 each, New Old Stock

Valve Guides

  • For late inlet valves, R10 and R12, A10 and A12 Price is £13.80 each
  • sorry, no guides are available for early exhaust valves
  • For late Exhaust valves, R10 and R12, A10 and aA12 ,  Price is £13.80 each

Valve Springs are available in Sets of 8, use 347 Price is £36.00 per set. These are correct for all these cars

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