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Newly Re-manufactured Distributor

FITS STANDARD 8, 10, Pennant/Companion and Commercial
Easily fitted by a handyman - Full instructions provided

(No need to buy a "Lucas" branded new Distributor for £950 inc. VAT from  a prominent supplier)

As your distributor wears the points gap varies from lobe to lobe and the dwell angle becomes inconsistent. This unit is a brand new replacement for your old,  battered,  Distributor - at a remarkably affordable price. It is a "drop in" replacement. The unit has been tested over hundreds of miles  and found to be completely reliable.  Visually, it is difficult to tell the new distributor apart from the original equipment.

We are selling this distributor as part of the following, excellent value,  ignition upgrade kit.

Remarkably, the kit comprises all of  the following:

  • The  brand new  vacuum Distributor complete with side entry cap, condenser l.t. wiring and points fitted
  • another  new Side-Entry Cap (value GBP 7.95 )
  • The vacuum  connecting pipe (value £2.45)
  • another spare set of new points (value £3.95)
  • 5 high quality new Plug leads
  • 4 leads, which are terminated in good quality new  NKG plug caps (total value 14.95)
  • new female  "Lucar" connector
  • Simple fitting instructions

Alternatively, you may, of course, re-use your own cap and leads and keep the spares provided in the kit  for future use.

All consumables for this new Distributor ( that's cap, condenser, points and l.t. wiring are available

KIt offer price of  just £92.10  inc VAT- Members only, of course!


"I have  fitted the Club's distributor  upgrade kit to my 1957 Standard 10. I adjusted the timing to tdc, undid the mounting bolts, removed the old unit and simply  bolted  in the new one. I reconnected the low tension ignition lead using the Lucar connecter provided and the vacumn pipe using the rubber connector provided in the kit.  . I  made a couple of timing runs and adjusted the timing by slackening and twisting the distributor body.. Final fine tuning can be done by means of the adjusting screw.

I see no reason why the kit should not give me thousands of miles of pleasureable Standard motoring

Conan Lewis"

Offer price includes VAT

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